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What is healthy food to eat - There are thousand kinds of food that you can eat in this planet. However, not all of foods are good to eat. You should sort what to eat and not to eat. Let's find out 10 super foods for your body.

1. Lemon
You do need lemon not only for losing weight. But, this fruit is rich with vitamin C which can give anti oxidant for your body. Furthermore, lemon is able to strengthen your bones if you are less to drink milk. It can help cancer treatment since lemon can control the growth of cancer in the cell. Your HDL will increase as well. This is good cholesterol.

2. Broccoli
This vegetable is rich of Vitamin K which also good for brain supplement. If your kids will have an exam, you should provide this food, so he could remember the lesson easily. Furthermore, if you like to cook this vegetable then you should not too long to keep the nutrients.

3. Dark Chocolate
Do not think that chocolate will cause fat body shape. Of course you should consume dark chocolate in one slice of your fingertips only. Dark chocolate is giving good mood and increase good cholesterol, HDL. Also, it is good as antioxidant and able to reduce the pressure of blood.

4. Potatoes
If you would like to get less calorie, you can take a boiled potato and eat it. This is able to burn calorie and good for cancer fighting.

5. Salmon
It is rich of omega 3 which can avoid memory loss. You can grill or fried salmon and even steam it. Eating salmon will avoid heart disease. No wonder this food is good for kids till adults. You can consume it everyday.

6. Walnut
For snacking in the morning and afternoon, you can take a handful of walnut. It can reduce bad cholesterol, increase good mood, protect from sun and able to fight cancer. You will help you to get better sleep in the night as well.

7. Avocado
This fruit is having good fiber and good for skin. You should consume it everyday to reduce hearth disease. Also, an avocado is good for diet program. You can mix in the salad and also in juice.

8. Garlic
If you are cooking with garlic, then you can add the ingredients of garlic in any food. Besides giving delicious taste, garlic is also lower blood pressure. You can get super anti-inflammatory. Of course, garlic can cut the growth of bacteria.

9. Spinach
if you would like to have healthy eyes, consume spinach regularly. It can give good immune system and good for cancer fighting. You can put spinach in your meal as salad or even make veggie juice.

10. Beans
Avoid breast cancer with regular consumption of beans. You can get rich antioxidant and avoid heart disease as well.

Food for your Skin
Healthy food is a food that will not harm your body in the future. Perhaps some food that you consume can't give direct effect today. But, with regular consumption then you can get the effect. Reduce food with sweeten since too much calorie will increase the potent of diabetes. Also, people need daily fiber, antioxidant, and vitamin, mineral.

The way you cook will determine the food as well. It should not be overcooked since the vitamins will disappear. If you like to have prettier skin, you should consume apple. It is giving collagen production that will avoid black pigment on your skin. Moreover, you are able to get slimmer body shape if you like to consume it regularly. Combine about what is healthy food to eat.
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