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By reading and learning recent articles on food and nutrition you can add your knowledge with better healthy issues. Why you need to read articles about food and nutrition? In the recent days, there are many busy people that have bad eating habit that can lead them into improper nutrient intake that lead them to diseases. With article that you read whether in magazine, brochure, and newspaper you are able to add more knowledge on how to prepare their food and look for best nutrients source that best for them.
Unbalance on food and nutrition

Articles on Food and Nutrition for Healthy Issues

It recommended for people to take balance diet to ensure the nutrition balance intake for our body health. The unbalanced food and nutrition intake that present tin diet said when there is too much or more nutrients present more than the proper amount of other nutrients. This can lead to the illnesses that caused by improper consumption of nutrient.

The deficiencies of nutrients
The macronutrients are come with calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat. They need to eat in balance proportion that makes body has balance metabolism and provide proper energy for body to do activity. The calories deficiency can issues starvation and marasmus. Simple carbohydrate can cause low energy level and complex carbohydrate can cause micronutrient deficiency. Protein deficiency can cause kwashiorkor. Saturated fat can cause low testosterone level and vitamin deficiency.

The deficiency from micronutrients such as Vitamin A can cause night blindness. Vitamin B deficiency can cause beri-beri, skin and corneal lesions, omega 3 fast can cause cardiovascular disease, vitamin K deficiency cause hemorrhage, vitamin E deficiency can cause neurological disease, and many more.

The excess of nutrients such as carbohydrates, calories, and fat are able to cause diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. Meanwhile the protein excess can cause rabbit starvation and ketoacid in diabetes sufferer. Some excess vitamin and mineral can cause to liver damage, bleeding, cardiovascular disease, cancer and dehydration that causes by diarrhea. Read more articles on food and nutrition that make you able to know the information of nutrition contain in your food and meals daily.

Article on Food and Nutrition for Education
There is a lot of knowledge about food and nutrition that can educate people to live better healthy. This is examples on how you can maximize your nutrients in food with these four methods.

Fermenting is the most economical and effective ways to have incredible nutrition for your body.  This is process that includes the beneficial bacteria that key for maintain the healthy gut flora balance.

Juicing your fruits and vegetables is other examples to get nutrition maximize. Juicing does not provide added nutrition but it allows to eat fruit and veggies in recommended serving amounts each days. By juicing, the vitamin, mineral and enzymes are easier to assimilate and absorb to your cell easily.

Sprouting done by few people with concentrated source of nutrition that different from mature planting to eat in form. Sprouts are perfect for improve health because they are have highly digestible source of minerals, acid protein, vitamin, and enzymes. This sprouts are have five into ten times higher content of Vitamin B, twice if vitamin A, C, and zinc, calcium and iron.

 Blending is the way to combine beneficial ingredients together to create nutritious meals. For example, you can create superfood smoothie that allows you to enjoy massive arrays of nutrients more than juicing.

By doing these four ways, it is better serve food for your nutrition. The poor agricultural practice and excessive food processing, this can lead you to unidentified nutrition. The worse, when we cook the food, the nutrients are deprives the nutrients and destroy the nutrients values. Therefore, read more articles on food and nutrition that able to let you know more to life healthy with food and nutrient.

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