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List of healthy foods to eat will help you to eat healthy and lose weight without counting the calories you take every day. It makes you feel better with a better weight as well. Healthy eating will prevent you from various chronic diseases as well, like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and many more. The list of healthy food we have today will be beneficial for those who are on diet or those who want to lose weight.

Weight Loss Tips: List of Healthy Foods to Eat
The key to reach weight loss is by choosing low-carb real-food food. It is a way to change your lifestyle in choosing food. People choose this archaic method to help them losing weight. Low-carbo diet means that you have minimize the intake of starches and sugar, and change it to food with high healthy fats and protein. Real-food means that you have to avoid any unnatural food with artificial, or processed food.

What to Avoid
There are some foods you have to avoid if you want to lose weight. If you really depends on it, and feel hard to avoid from that, you can try to reduce the intake. The first food to avoid is sugar. This is the trigger of obesity, and some other diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Sugar is highly fattening, it is also addictive. Artificial sweeteners also have to be avoided. It is true that it is calorie free, but study shows that artificial sweeteners have something to do with obesity and its related disease. If you must use this, consult with doctors to know their recommendation.

If you want to lose weight, avoid also grains and its product like pasta and bread. Avoid gluten grains like spelt, barley, rye, and wheat. They are the worst. The healthier grains like oats and rice are fine to consume if you are not on diet. The next food to avoid is processed food. This food is low in nutrients, but high in unnatural and unhealthy chemicals. In this kind of food, you will find trans fat, the chemically modified fats that are bad for your health.

The Best Food to Take
There are several foods you need to take to get a healthier body. Take blueberries as your snack. It is famous of its anti-aging effects and antioxidants. Though it is tiny, but it is powerful. In one cup serving, you will get 80 calories and 4 grams fibers. It is enough to make you full. Another food to choose is black beans. Take a cup of black beans, and it will give you 15 grams of protein. These beans do not contain any saturated fat like you find in red meat. It is great to lose weight. Another bean to choose is kidney beans. This bean is rich of resistant starch. In half cup of bean, you will get 2 grams of carbohydrate. Red beans are also great source for fiber and protein.

Brown rice is healthy grain you can take for your diet. This rice is heartier than white rice. If you take half cup of brown rice, it contains 1.7 grams of resistant starch. This starch is healthy crab that can boost your metabolism and can burn your fat. It is also low in calories, but can make you full longer.

The next healthy food to eat is salmon. The source of protein you find in salmon is able to make you full without consuming any fat. Salmon is also rich of its omega-3 fatty acids. Good fat that is needed  in your body. Choose salmon as a substitution of red meat. It is a popular food to choose among dieters. These are the list of healthy foods to eat.
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