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As the new year begins, people start to write their new resolutions which one of them is getting a health, well-built, or even hot slim body. They begin to look for any information related to the issues. So, where do they get the info? Yes, it’s from health & fitness magazine selling out there. But, which are the magazine that worth to buy? Check them out below.

Most Popular Health & Fitness Magazine That Worth to Buy

Men’s Health
The popularity of Men’s Health magazine is no more arguable. It can be considered as one of the most circulated health & fitness magazine in most big country such as United States and United Kingdom. Since first founded in 1987, this largest magazine brand for men has been sold in 47 countries with 40 editions. Not only covers about men’s health, but the magazine also cover others lifestyles including fitness or workout program, fashion, nutrition, and sexuality.  

Particularly for those who just starting up and looking for fitness advice, Men’s Health is quite helpful. Some pages also show illustration about how to use fitness machine from the experts which give this mag another high-point. Containing with 146 pages, most of the content is relevant, interesting, fresh, and less with useless advertisements. Yet, some sites give criticism that the health or fitness content is still limited.

Women’s Health
Still in the same publisher Rodale with Men’s Health, Women’s Health is first released in 2005 to give advices for women about good and healthy lifestyle. This mag that published 10 times a year in U.S. has 13 international editions in 25 countries and reached about 8 million readers around the world. The content covers about fitness, weight loss, healthy food, sexuality, beauty, and others related women’s lifestyles.

In some review even give Women’s Health a higher score than Men’s Health. Unlike the male counterpart, this mag has little physical training advices, but give more variety of training advices that almost great and helpful especially for modern, smart and independent women.

Since 1991, Health magazine has been purchased by Time Inc. and now has more than 6 million readers. This American magazine is popular focused on women’s health with various types of section. All of those contents are corroborated by research of medical professionals.

There are lots of interesting and informative popular sections. For example, Healthy Now covers about tips on improving health, Healthy Shape covers about effective workout and related exercises, and Healthy Eating contains with healthy dietary recipes. Readers also can find about fashion, beauty, celebrity’s life experience, and other health related lifestyles.

Men’s Fitness
Men’s Fitness is UK monthly men’s magazine which covers about health and fitness. Like the cover of magazine, it suits for men who look for a training advice for building large-sized biceps. The mag consists of 4 main sections including Upgrade (fitness and nutrition advices from experts), Trainer (weight and performance training), Fuel (fuel), and other features. The other featuring sections also cover advices and tips about weight loss, sexuality, fashion, healthy recipes, celebrity interviews, little bit beauty pages, and other health and fitness trends.  

Shape Magazine is considered as the number 1 fitness magazine for women founded by Christine MacIntyre, a pioneer of free weight fitness women. This monthly English mag that first launched in 1981 has 27 million of women readers across globally, even in the website Shape has about 8.5 million of active users. For women who looking for a well-being lifestyle, Shape magazine contains with related, interesting, and informative info including healthy exercise, dietary recipes, fashion, beauty, sexuality, travelling, work, home, and also celebrity advices.

Sure, you know now which health & fitness magazine you should grab in the bookstore, don’t you?

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