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Diets to lose weight fast always feature several healthy food which are good nutrition source. Calorie in your body can come from many different sources and you can just choose ones healthy. The following foods are friendly for all diet menus. They provide enough of needed nutrition and they help you burn some fat.

10 Best Food in Diets to Lose Weight Fast

Whole Egg
This should be in your menu due to its high protein as well as healthy fat you need. Surprisingly, a whole egg will keep you full for the next hours. According to science research, taking a whole egg during breakfast will keep you from high appetite for the next 36 hours.

Leafy Veggies
These veggies are rich with fiber which is best for your digestion system. It has low carbohydrate and calorie too so it is a good food to be in your diet. If you are confused in choosing you can just add spinach, swiss chards, and collards and kale.

Salmon is rich with all valuable nutrients, healthy fats, and best protein. Calorie inside this fish is really low, and it provides you with iodine. It keeps you full for long hours so it makes perfect dish for every meal. In alternative, you can choose other oily fishes for almost the same value.

Cruciferous Veggies
It includes broccoli, brussles sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage. These veggies give you smart combination of low calorie, enough protein, and high fiber. You will get the nutrient and will feel full for very long hours. The protein may not be as high as legumes, but compared to other food, it is high enough. 

Chicken Breast and Lean Beef
Many people may tell you that these meats are source of disease and health dysfunction. It is true only when it is consumed too much or cooked the wrong way. You should consume this high protein source but make sure to cook it right without too much oil or too burned. 

Boiled White Potato
These potatoes have so many nutrients, almost all of the needed ones in little level, and it keeps you full for the whole day. Feeling full, you will not want to take other heavy food during the day. Being boiled, it is free of oil or other dangerous substance. 

Tuna should be in your diets to lose weight fast menu due to the fact that it contains very low calorie but high protein. Just for the best effect, when you need to choose a canned tuna, choose one in water instead of in oil. It’s healthier and it tastes a lot better.

Legumes and Beans
Most of legumes and beans are perfect for diet. You can try kidney beans, black beans, or lentils in your meal. Few of them are not good enough. The important part is to prepare appropriately since many people are intolerant with legumes.

If you take low energy density food, you will not take a lot of calories. Such low density can be found on veggies and fruits, and water. Besides drinking a lot of water during the diet program, you should consider make soup for healthier meal combination. It is fresh and it supports your digestion.

Cottage Cheese
Like other dairy products, it has a lot of calcium and protein. This cheese is also low on fat and carbohydrate. Plus, it makes dishes taste a lot tastier.

Those foods are called healthy due to their natural power to affect your appetite, calorie burning level, and hormone. You only need to include them in your diet menu to make sure you get the effect. Learn more about combining them and how to maximize the effect in your diets to lose weight fast. 

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