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Best diet to lose weight depends on our consistency in doing the diet. Everyone wants to do a quick diet. Actual weight loss by altering the diet suddenly can make you experience health problems. The diet may successfully lose weight in a matter of weeks, but after your weight down, you will find it difficult to maintain a stable weight over the long term. Weight loss is done quickly usually will not last long. There are some health problems that will be experienced by people who do the fast diet. Therefore, you should apply a healthy diet that can reduce your weight gradually without causing any health problems. Risk of Health Problems Due to Fast Diet
Risk of Health Problems Due to Fast Diet

Here are some health problems that arise because of fast diet programs:

People who want to lose weight quickly down will reduce food portions and even not eating at all. This causes the body's caloric intake is reduced and the body will become weak. The person will also get tired easily.

Nutritional deficiencies
Our bodies need the intake of minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins in an equal number for the body to move normally, but people who want to lose weight in a short time will reduce the need for these nutrients so that the body will be prone to diseases.

The weight will go up again
When undergoing fast diet, the body is trained to burn many calories, but if you want an ideal body weight and durable, your body should be trained to change their lifestyle and eating habits gradually. Diet is done in a short time will make your weight go up again.

Damage to muscle tissue
Extreme diet was not burning fat, but diet is burning muscle so that the muscle tissue can be damaged.

Serious illness
If you do this fast diet in the long run, then you can be exposed to more serious diseases such as gallstones, dehydration, electrolyte deficiencies in the body, and so forth. You can also get the side effects of this diet is hair loss, headache, menstrual irregularities and constipation.

Diet with Ginger Water
You try a healthy diet to reduce fat in the body gradually rather than try a quick diet dangerous. A healthy diet is done by changing your eating habits to consume healthy foods without preservatives and flavorings. A healthy diet should be combined with regular exercise. Do light exercise that you like. You can take about 2 to 3 hours to exercise such as running, aerobic, yoga, and many others. It can make your body becomes fresh. Ginger water is one of the menus that you can enter for your healthy diet program because ginger can shrink the stomach is distended. Ginger also has the following benefits:

Helps digestion
Ginger can reduce appetite by making blood sugar, cholesterol, and fat become stable. Ginger drinks can stimulate digestion if taken regularly. Other benefit of ginger is able to warm up your body when it is cold.

Reducing cortisol
The cortisol hormone is produced by the body when we experience stress. This hormone can increase your appetite. Ginger can reduce the production of these hormones so your body weight can be reduced.

Produce energy
Another benefit is ginger can generate energy for your body. This energy helps the body to burn calories. You can consume two teaspoons of ginger every day so that you have more spirit in carrying out activities. If you want results, then you can consume a mixture of ginger, lemon and honey as one of the best diet to lose weight.

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