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In the past decade the information are spreading widely and easily through the internet network. People could find all the information they wanted only by sitting in front of the computer. There is millions of information in the internet. So you have to be extra careful when you read them. You should know which websites are giving the hoax and false claims and which websites are trust worthy to read especially for health and fitness websites. You do not want to compromise your health and well-being just because you followed the wrong websites. This article will give the recommendation of healthy and fitness blogs that are trustworthy to follow. It is listed on alphabetical order.

Health and Fitness Websites

Black Girls Run! 
The incidents of obesity in African-American community are increasing every year till the obesity is becoming epidemic. To reduce the incidents rates Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks build this blog. It is cover on workout training and nutrition advices along with beauty and lifestyles info.

Breaking Muscle
This blog is a place for gathering of personal coach, serious trainer and fitness lovers. You will find anything about fitness and nutrition tips in this blog.

Eat, Lift, and Be Happy
NegharFonooni is a blogger and personal trainer who loves to share about fitness and nutrition advices. She also likes to share about self-empowered and self-acceptance articles in her blogs.

Fit Bottomed Girls. 
This blog gives the understanding about the enjoyment of exercises. Fit Bottomed Girl is written by Jennifer Walters and Erin Whitehead and they are writing this blog in practical approach and in lighthearted language. You can laugh, motivate and workout when you are reading this blog.

 Lift Like A Girl.
 Nia Shanks as the author of this blog focuses to empower women that they could do something more for their body. She gives the workout tips and the understanding that exercises are not punishment because of eating.

Nerd Fitness
Steve Kamb gives the unique fitness advice in his health and fitness websites. He used famous movies to explain how to loose weight and what the scientific reason behind the exercise. You will find the simple topics in daily life and yet you do not know that it is still related to fitness world.

Remodel Fitness
This blog is built by JessiKneeland and she is personal trainer. She emphasizes in this blog how important to feel positive on the body image and how to build self-esteem as a grown adult.

Roman Fitness Systems.
John Romaniello as editor-in-chief always make sure every posting in this blog based on science and gives something spicy to the readers. Roman Fitness Systems gives varying information from exercises’ tips to career advice.

Run to The Finish
 Amanda Brooks as the author slash the editor of the blog is emphasizing the benefits of running. Running haters might be converted after they read this blog. 

Tabata Times. 
This blog is dedicated for CrossFit sport. You will find the workout advices, inspiration and tips and the editor of Tabata Times always make sure that every posting in this health and fitness websites is up-to-date.

Tony Gentilcore. 
It is the name of the blog author, Tony Gentilcore. He works as the strength coach and trainer at the sport center in real life. His blog is showed his love to heavy lifting and encouraged people to know and try the sport he loved the most. 

These health and fitness websites are getting the information about yoga-related from various network contributors around the world. Don’t you worry if you are yoga beginner since this blog always welcoming to the readers who are passionate to yoga.

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