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Nowadays fitness is becoming part of modern lifestyles whether for men or women. The reason for people going to fitness not only for getting the perfect body but also for maintaining the health and body’s fit. Some people would save their time for fitness though their time is loaded with works. This way fitness is becoming the bigger industry especially in big city where people could not get the time for jogging in the park and fitness magazines are the biggest product from fitness industry including fitness magazines for women. Women like to read the fitness magazines since the magazines have tips and tricks about fitness’ exercises and health lifestyles that people could follow in the home. The articles about loosing the weights and building the body’s shape are the favorite in the women’s fitness magazines.

Fitness Magazines for Women

With so many fitness magazines in the market this article will give recommendations some of fitness magazines for women. The recommendation’s list is made based on the benefits of the articles inside magazines for women, listed in alphabetical order:

FitnessRX for Women. 
This magazine has targeted the adult women. Its articles are about the concern in health, nutrition, and well-being of the women’s world. FitnessRX emphasizes that its article always based on the latest scientific reports. So women readers could relieve that the news they have read are from the experts in the field.

Muscle and Fitness Hers. 
This magazine emphasize to workout training. Most of the articles are about hard core training that is perfect for serious trainer. Though there are still several articles about mild workout training that could be followed by average trainer.

Oxygen Magazine. 
This magazine is perfect for women who had body target in the mind. It is full with the exercises plan, the exercises advice, diet tips and so on. Even the advertisement in the magazine is load with diet supplements.

Pilates Styles. 
This magazine is solely focusing on pilates-related. It has great information about pilates that could be followed in the home for building the strength or staying healthy.

Just like its title, this magazine’s focus is finding the ways to prevent the diseases, the ailments, age, weight gain and so on. The ways that Prevention likes to share are the health and natural solutions. Prevention magazine is appropriate for any readers.

This magazine focuses on how to improve and care the self well-being. Most of articles in Self magazine are about fitness, diet advice, beauty and fashion.

This magazine is often been said in several blogs as one of the best fitness magazines for women around the world. It gives information not only about the fitness advice but also about healthy foods, celebrity gossip and fashion. Sometimes Shape magazine makes a contest or challenge of loosing the weight to motivate their readers.

Trail Runner. 
This magazine is cover on how to change running into adventurous sport. It focuses to the information about the off-road running trail and the photos of amazing running trail. It also gives information related to running.

Women’s Health. 
This magazine is targeted the modern and practical women. It is usually giving the information that concern in fitness world and the ways for women staying healthy.

Women’s Running. 
This magazine is perfect for the readers who love running. It gives all information about running like running gears, running events, the techniques of running and so on.

Yoga Journal. 
Yoga is becoming more popular these days and for yoga lovers this magazine is perfect choice. It contains information about the tips, the events and anything information that yoga-related.
These fitness magazines for women also have online version that could be read in any gadgets.

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