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Diet plans to lose weight should be patterned in the best way so you can get maximum result from it. Sometimes, for novice, the details can be a little too complicated. There are so many thing to count and to combine. Instead of getting confused, you should try this plan.

Diet Plans to Lose Weight

Day 1 Diet Plans to Lose Weight
Take a 266 calories of breakfast by having avocado and egg toast. The following snack can be a little blueberry and non fat yoghurt on it for 61 calories. Your lunch will be ravioli and veggie soup with tomato and cheddar cheese toast. Have hummus and sliced cucumber at afternoon snack for 93 calories. At last, you can have salmon and veggies cooked in great combination for dinner, worth 451 calories.  

Day 2 Diet Plans to Lose Weight
Take a 266 calories breakfast from the avocado egg toast you have yesterday. A 134 calories morning snack this time should be five apricots and walnut. Eat the leftover soup yesterday and add it with Clementine for 295 calories. In the afternoon, you should have the same hummus and cucumber for your snack. At last, have a different dinner. This time, cook brown rice and tofu curry. It will be nice to have a delicate squash too for it. This dinner is worth 424 calories.

Day 3 Diet Plans to Lose Weight
Have a different breakfast today. Mix granola and blueberries with yoghurt. This breakfast is worth 267 calories. For your snack, eat a Clementine for 35 calories. At lunch, you can have whole wheat pita bread with apple and cheddar cheese topping. It’s worth 351 calories. Your afternoon snack today should be a half of medium apple to supply 47 calories. End the day with dinner peppers stuffed in Morocan recipe. You can add spinach on the menu too. It’s worth 457 calories.

Day 4 Diet Plans to Lose Weight
This day, have the same breakfast as yesterday. That menu is never get tired for your diets to lose weight fast. For the following snack, you should have boiled egg with spicy sauce if you want to. It’s worth 83 calories. The lunch will be chicken breast with veggies like carrots, peppers, and mixed greens. The afternoon snack will be apricot and halves as couple days ago. The dinner this time will be salad with sausage and apple, and beet pickle.

Day 5 Diet Plans to Lose Weight
Today, mix your cereal with blueberries for 266 calories breakfast. The snack should be carrots with yoghurt and avocado dip. Have lunch with tomato and cheddar cheese toast that worth 314 calories. For your afternoon snack, eat your apricot with yoghurt and diced walnuts. Finally, for 427 calories dinner, you can have chicken tikka masala with a half cup of brown rice.

Day 6 Diet Plans to Lose Weight
Have the same breakfast as yesterday, and eat diced cucumber with yoghurt and avocado dip for the snack. For lunch, have your leftover chicken tika masala and spinach. One clementine is enough for the following snack. At last, have dinner with soba noodles and beef stir fry. This dinner is worth 507 calories.

Day 7 Diet Plans to Lose Weight
Today, let’s combine the menu. Have the same breakfast and snack as yesterday in the morning. For lunch, you should have the mixed greens salad and chicken breast again. You can have five dried apricots for the following snack, and have a mushroom pizza for your dinner. Make sure you add enough veggies on the pizza.

This plan is made for 1,200 calories diet with most control on sodium and fiber too. If you have any health concern or other issue, you should modify the plan fitting your need. Remember that each person has different nutrition need. However, this plan will make one of the best diet plans to lose weight for most people.   
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