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The nutritional value of food items are affect most of our activity. It has governs our health greatly. The food items that we eat everyday is the only source for our energy, vitamins and mineral that function for body and responsible for bodily process mechanism.  The organic food is now regular feature in supermarket. Which is better? Get the fact before you shop.

Organic or Non-Organic which is better

The Nutritional Value of Organic Food Items
The word of organic refers to the ways of farmer grow and process their agricultural products. The organic farming designed to encourage soils and water conservation and reduce the chemical pollutions. The organic do not use conventional method in fertilizing and control weeds. They use natural fertilizer to feed plant and soils and use crop rotation and mulch for weeds managing. When you are looking for organic food items, look for the labels to check nutritional value of food items you buy. The organic label are varies depend to their organic label, it is whether 100% organic, 95% organic, or it may contain organic ingredients that less from 70%.  

Organic Culture Boost the Plant Immune System Naturally
With organic culture, the farmer has save their crops from pesticides use that danger for healthy and focus in plant nutrition. This causes the agriculture product with organic stamped with healthier than conventional. In order to organic farm, the farmers understanding their plant requirements with organic farming system that use sense of them to detect immune health from the plants. The farmer stops to use chemical pesticides. Growing organic system much more fun now with the entire family to harvest the plants and involves in farm.

Pros and Cons the Nutritional Value of Organic Food Items
The recent study shows that both of organic food and conventional foodstuffs are not differently significant from their nutrient content. Many factors why people are consider choosing organic food because they are free from pesticides, food additives and environment.  The residue of pesticides can left in food items. The downsides from buying organic food  is the cost. Typically the organic is cost more rather than conventional. The higher price due to expensive practice of farming, the organic fruit and veggies also spoil faster because they not treated with waxes or preservatives.   They also look less from perfect such as odd shapes, smaller size or vary color. There are several ways to boost your nutritional value food items.  You can ferment, juicing, blending or sprouting the food items.

Tips to Choose Nutritional value of food items
No matter that you will go totally with organic or mix between conventional with organic food, you can keep this tips to ensure you get the filled nutrients filling.
Select variety food items that come from wide range of source items. With this you are able to get better combination of nutrients and reduce the exposure of pesticides from non-organic exposure.

Buy fruits and veggies in fresh season when it produces. Ask for the day when it arrives in the market you buy or go to local farmers market.

Read food labels carefully. Just a products state that it is contain with organic or it is completely organic, it does not means that it does not have healthier alternative. Some packages organic products are also may appear with high sugar content, fat, calories and salt.

 Wash the fresh fruit and vegetables under running water. The running water will help you to remove the dirt, bacteria and chemical traces from the fruit and vegetable surfaces. Not all the pesticides are able to remove with washing. Therefore, you can peel the fruit and vegetables to reduce the exposure of the pesticides. However, peeling are able to means lose some nutritional value of food items and fiber.
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