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Most of modern women often have only fewer times for joining fitness at gym. For this reason, home fitness programs for women start to gain popularity. No need purchasing pricey treadmill or other gym equipment at your home, these home workouts doesn’t require you any equipment yet giving best body built. Check them out below!

Rockin’ Body
Dancing is one other effective way to burn calories. This idea brings Beach body to collaborate with celebrity Shaun T. creating dance-oriented workout program called Rockin’ Body. This fitness program is designed to increase daily caloric burning to promote weight loss and muscular tone, also improve cardiovascular endurance within 30 days.

The program contains with 5 main workout movements, including:

1. Mark, Move & Groove (15 minutes)
The first introductory workout is started with several moves that you might never know before, but enough to make you sweating up in a storm only within 15 minutes.

2. Party Express (25 minutes)
The moves are getting more complex and harder. Although it’s a low impact workout, it will shape your body in express.

3. Rock It Out (45 minutes)
You will rocking the floor with cardio workout moves with more dancing feels. You can also do some moves like pushups, rows, curls, and others.

4. Disco Groove (35 minutes)
Waking up your 70s disco groove soul, this all dancing workout will shake your body into a good shape.

5. Shaun T’s Dance Party (45 minutes)
Last is a time for dance party with Shaun T. You will dance, burn your calories, and sing along with some popular songs such as Madonna’s Holiday.
You can also get bonus workouts include Hard-Core Abs (10 minutes) and Booty Time (30 minutes).

Hip Hop Abs
Another Beach Body and Shaun T. product of dance-based in home fitness program is Hip Hop Abs. Program expectation include 10-16 pounds weight loss, butt and legs tone, flat belly, improve cardio endurance, etc. within 30 days.  

The program contains with 4 main workouts, including:

1. Ab Sculpt (24 minutes)
Abs Sculpt moves include a compilation of some unorthodox core strengthening workouts. Due to high core engagement, you can feel your abs tightening after completing the workout. Last, you will be asked to do C-sit position which is the highest burning time move, then completed with stretch at the end. For first time trial, Ab Sculpt is quite complex and may need several repetitions to get the same rhyme with Shaun T and other dancers.

2. Fat Burning Cardio (30 minutes)
It’s a full and intense body workout. The moves include warm up, some light stretching, fun routines, and close with another stretching. Although you will feel burning on your arms and back for the first time, this cardio workout is enough to sweating and burning your calories out.

3. Hip Buns and Thighs (25 minutes)
Like the workout name, it introduces you with more static and repetitive movements to tone your hip buns and thighs. You will move in various movements of squats, lunges, and leg rises on the floor. That’s all targeting on specific muscle groups on your lower body.

4. Total Body Burns (42 minutes)
Last and longest workout of the program will ask you to move harder that include fat burning cardio workout. It’s focusing on you lower body like thighs, hip buns, and lower abs.

You will definitely have a good dancing and workout program at home while expecting a hot body built result at the end of program. No need going further away to gym or spending money for applying membership, you can get healthy and well-built body only with dance based-in home fitness programs for women above. Practice it at home!

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