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Well-built body and muscle is like everything for men’s appearances. They flock to the gym for getting into shape. Yet, sometimes you have no enough time to go or gym are too noisy with clanking sounds and people chatting nonsense. Forget about gym! Now, you can build your muscle from home with these effective home fitness programs for men. Check them out below!

P90 Extreme (P90X)

P90X is a 90-days home fitness program designed by trainer Tony Horton collaborated with Beachbody which include 12 intense workouts. The program contains with resistance and body-weight training, cardio, ab work, plyometrics, martial arts and yoga. You can also get bonus of nutrition plan, fitness guide, and workout calendar.

There are 3 pre-set ways of the workout program for starters include classic, double and lean. Classic is the common routines that almost people do. Double routine is a tougher workout to push your body including resistance followed by extra cardio. Last is lean for those who look for an easier workout routines. Each routine has different workout schedule on the program.

How about the equipment? For simply burning up calories, you don’t need any fancy equipment, only a yoga mat or board for comfort workout. But, if you are looking for more intense muscle building and get complete workout, you may need the dumbbells, pull up bar, and resistance bands. Some followers of this program revealed that they lose 17 pounds and decrease 10% of body fat while getting greater muscle tones.

Are you looking for an insane workout for faster muscle building? Then, you can go with Insanity. Insanity is a 60-days insanely hard-core workout program created by Shaun T. and published by Beachbody. As the name mentioned, you should know that you will have the hardest workout ever. So, it might be doesn’t suit for beginners.

Starting off the first month of Insanity workout with Fit Test to see your fitness level and do it regularly each 2 weeks. Then, the workouts continue with Plyometric Cardio Circuit, and then Cardio Power plus Resistance, the Cardio Recovery, and followed by Pure Cardio.

Before moving to the extreme second month workout, you will have recovery day for cardio and balance routine. The second month workouts include Max Interval Plyo, Max Interval Circuit, Max Cardio Conditioning, as well as Max Recovery. Each workout is training your body for about 30 to 60 minutes. Overall workouts are focused on area such as core, arms, legs, glutes, and back. This Insanity program is expecting for 1,000 calories burns for an hour. You don’t have to prepare any equipment instead of yoga mat.

Chalean Extreme
Chalean Extreme is a fitness program created by Chalene Johnston. The program covers 15 workout routines that divided into 3 phases includes Burn, Push, and Lean. Each phase contains with 3 workouts with 15 minutes ab-work and cardio routines in between. In Burn circuit, you will do 3 workouts in high reps and low weight. The second Push circuit has high reps and up weight, while the last Lean circuit will focus on your core and balance. Each phase will take time over a half of hour (40 to 45 minutes).

Overall, you will do resistance training for three times a week, cardio workout two times a week, and two days off in between. The equipment needed is resistance bands and weights are about 12 to 40 pounds for men. The program is expecting to lose 60% of body fat within 3 months. Most sites reviewed this program as the best for leaner, stronger and muscle toning up.

Do you still believe that well-built body and muscle can only obtained from gym? Try these home fitness programs for men and prove the best expected result.

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