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Articles about food and nutrition are useful information for us because the article does not only tell about the nutritional content of the food, but also tips on choosing healthy foods with nutrients that are good for health. According to some experts, nutrition is a chemical bond which can provide energy for the body. This energy can help maintain tissue in the body. Nutrition is also referred to as the organism with the main object in the form of food consumed and through a process of absorption and metabolism so that substances that are not needed by the body to be wasted. Nutrition is a major substance needed by the human body. Nutrition serves to take nutrients that are important for the body and as an organic substance that the body needs to be able to move normally. 

 Nutrition is different from the food we eat. Nutrition is daro content of these foods. Nutrition is the intake of foods that are healthy for the body so that not all foods contain healthy nutrients. Therefore, we must be selective in choosing foods to meet the nutrition of our body. Do not let the food was just tasty and filling but do not have the nutrients needed by our body. If the food is merely eliminating hunger, then our body can suffer nutritional deficiencies. Lack of nutrients can be bad for health. Our body becomes weak, cannot concentrate, susceptible to disease, and fatigue.

Types of Nutrition
There are several types of nutrients needed by the body every day. Examples are carbohydrates. Nutrition is composed of the elements oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. These substances are found mainly in wheat, corn, and tubers. Types of nutrients needed by the body are too fat. Fat is a source of energy in solid form. Next is protein. This substance is useful to form the cells in our bodies. Vitamin is also the kind of nutrients that are beneficial to our body. 

Vitamins are useful to regulate the body's metabolism. The latter is a mineral that also have an important role for the development of the body. Nutrition is an essential input contained in the food we eat. Knowing the information about nutrition is necessary to adjust our diet. Food and nutrition is interconnected because the nutrients derived from food. Food has an important function for the body, but the food must contain nutrients in order to fulfill these functions.

Function of Nutritious Food
Food can provide energy for our bodies. Nutrients will go through the digestive process and produce energy that is used to perform daily activities such as work, study, sports, and so forth. Food also plays an important role in the growth and development of the body since the womb. A normal body has healthy tissues. If body tissue is damaged, then we need food to update the network in order to function optimally. In our bodies, there are many metabolic processes going on. Food becomes an important factor to set the process in order to be balanced. 

Food can also help defend the body against disease. Healthy foods are foods that contain nutrients that are complete. The food should contain carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, proteins, minerals, and so forth. These substances will be absorbed by the body to produce energy. Surely we cannot memorize the nutritional content of each of our food. However, today there is an easy way to determine the content of nutrients that exist in our food. We can read the information about the nutritional content of the food in the nutrition table. We can also find the nutritional content of a product by reading labels carefully. Moreover we can know which foods are healthy, eating right, how to cook healthy foods without losing nutrients, foods that have high nutritional content, eating right, and much more by reading articles about food and nutrition.

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