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There are hundred foods that can help you to reduce weight. Also, there are so many benefits that you can get when eating. Let's make a category according to the vegetables and fruits 

List of Vegetables 

1. Asparagus
If you like to make soup of asparagus, this vegetable is good as antioxidant. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory which is good for patients in the hospital. You can get better blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure and blood regulation. If you like to mix with corn soup, it will be a good appetizer.

2. Carrot
Carrots are rich with vitamin A and antioxidant. You can make carrot juice, vegetable soup and even slice of carrot in the salad.

3. Spinach
Spinach is recommended for antioxidant since it is rich of Vitamin C. You can make spinach soup, salad and even juice with a honey in your beverage.

4. Olive
People are familiar with olive oil for cooking. Consuming olives directly is too bitter. Therefore, people are used to consume in the olive oil form. Besides as antioxidant, olive oil is used to use as massage. It can smoother and nourish dry skin. You can clean make up or remove mascara by using this olive oil.

List of Fruit 

1. Banana
Banana is a wonderful fruit since it can grow at any season. This fruit is giving enough calories in the morning before having breakfast. You can consume it 30 minutes before having meal. Therefore, you are able to make as banana cake, banana soup mix with pumpkin and many other creations with this fruit. It is safe from kids till elder to eat this fruit.

2. Papaya
People call papaya as fiber fruit since it can help to flush garbage in the belly easily. This fruit is growing all the time. Even it is good for your immune system and able to protect from rheumatoid in the elder. You can eat papaya leaves as vegetable to protect from mosquito bites. It is quite cheap fruit since it can grow even in your garden.

3. Orange
This is a perfect beverage in the hot afternoon. This fruit is easy to find worldwide. In the rainy season, people used to consume orange to increase their immune system. They are less to have influenza. Orange fruit is as prevention from kidney stones. You will love this fruit since it gives good respiratory health, rich in antioxidant and protect from rheumatic.

4. Grape
This purple fruit is very good for your cardiovascular. You can get plenty of benefit with a handful grape. Your skin will be smooth since it contains anti-aging benefit. Grape is also delicious in the salad. As anti cancer, grape is also anti-microbial.

5. Kiwi
This fruit is always green and very rich with anti-oxidant. The green flesh will protect from asthma. Kiwi is having high fiber and control the blood sugar as well.

6. Pineapple
This anti-cancer fruit will give the benefit if you also eat the centre of the fruit. It is a little bit hard, but you can make juice of pineapple. As anti-oxidant fruit, pineapple taste is very nice, sweet and sour. You can eat with a little salt if you would like to get tasty fruit.

A healthy food is giving enough nutrients to our body. Consume with the right dose. Of course, if it is a slice of papaya dose, then you should not eat with whole size of papaya. Eating too much fruits will make you fat since the calorie will double up and store in your body. Take a list of healthy foods.
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