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Best treatment for acne scars should be in natural way. Scar will make people become unconfident both it is in visible place or even on the invisible place. If it is on your face, surely you can’t always powder or face foundation to cover the scar. You need to use treatment to make it disappear. Even acne scars on the back, you are unconfident to wear bikini on the beach, right? Therefore, you need to take natural treatment to clean it up quickly.
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Natural Way
You can use baking soda to make a paste for massaging in the acne scar. It is only mixing baking soda with olive oil then does it persistently everyday in a week. You can see the skin will be lighter. The other simple treatments are using raw potato. Slice the potato and apply on the face until it becomes dry. Do this ways several times until the nutrients goes into the face or other skin part. It can clean up the scar for 2 months process if you do it everyday. Keep patience when doing natural treatments since all of method needs process. You can’t expect instant way. Besides potato, you can use raw tomatoes. You can eat tomatoes directly for getting smother skin. For treating scar, you can slice the ripe red tomatoes and put on the face for 30 minutes. It is very effective to remove stubborn scars. 

You can mix with cucumber and avocado since all of these fruits are very effective maskers. With composition 2 pieces of tomatoes, 2 small avocados and 1 cucumber you can put all together into the juice and apply them on your face. This gives rich nutrients to your face. Wash after 30 minutes maskers. If you like tea tree oil to prevent acne, you can use it as well as antiseptic to your face. It is a very good remedy and acne scar. This oil is giving enough moisturizer and remove scar easily. All scar need oil to lighten the skin. It can be 2-4 drops of tea tree oil everyday on the acne scars. Do not apply in the sensitive skin since it will create redness and itchy. Using apple cider vinegar is very useful as anti-septic as well. It can heal acne scar and good if you mix with honey and water. Apply on the scar or active acne. It is good for anti-inflammatory to avoid acne become so red and grows other acnes again.

Vitamin E
Having vitamin E is for consuming is good, but vitamin E for applying on the skin is good and safe as well. Vitamin E is an essential oil to reduce acne and giving smooth skin in the long effect. If you have dry skin on the face, simply just use vitamin E. No wonder vitamin E is very effective to treat acne scar as well. You can buy vitamin E in the oil capsule and apply on your skin. If you would like to make treatment inside, you can drink Vitamin E capsule. Do this daily and massage your skin with vitamin E. Just make sure that your hand clean before applying this oil. Take cocoa butter to be a chocolate masker for the face. It can penetrate from top till down layer to give moisture skin. It can clean acne scar and spot. Moreover, you will get longer feeling of moisture skin. It is good skin reparation. This way is very effective for all skin types. You don’t have to worry too much for the scar since the treatment needs time and will give result if you are do it routinely as best treatment for acne scars.

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