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What are the healthy foods? It has something to do with healthy eating, when every day you need to take variety of foods from the four food groups we know. Healthy eating will lead us to get a good feeling with good health maintenance. Eating healthy food will reduce our risk to get chronic disease. It also help us to reach or to maintain healthy weight.

What Are the Healthy Foods to Take on Breakfast?
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How to Eat Healthy
Food guide can be various today. Most people follow the four food groups issued by Canada’s Food Guide. You can use this as your guidance as well. Try to eat right types of food. Choose various food from those groups of food. The second step is considering you sex, age, and activity level with amount of food you take. Then, every time you shop, compare and choose healthy food only. Read the percent daily value of the nutrition facts table. It helps you to make a better choice. The fourth way to eat healthy is by limiting drinks and foods which are high in sodium, calories, sugar, and fat. The last step is by using eat well plate, to know the portion of each group you need you need to take.

Healthy Food to Choose
Do not ever skip breakfast. It is the key to get a healthy body. Breakfast gives you nutrition that you need to do your activities for whole day. It is very important, especially for those who do diet. There are some foods that are great to take for breakfast.

1. Eggs
Eggs are famous of its protein and nutrients like vitamin D. The yolk itself is high in dietary cholesterol. It completes 60% of good fats you need one day. Research used to say that the yolk too many cholesterol, but it is found out that the  cholesterol we find on food has less impact to our blood cholesterol. If you avoid cholesterol and fat, and choose lean proteins, eggs will be great for your diet.

2. Almond Butter
If you do not eat eggs or dairy products, choose almond butter. This can be an alternative for your protein intake. It is rich of its monounsaturated fat, which is a good fat. The taste is also super delicious. Spread it on your whole grain bread or pair it with an apple, or a banana. The nutrition you find on almond butter is the same like peanut butter. They have 100 calories for a tablespoon.

3. Bananas
Banana with almond butter is super delicious. This fruit is the best source of resistant starch. It is the healthy carbohydrate which can make you feeling fuller in along period of time. You can pair it with peanut butter, almond butter, oatmeal, or cereal. You do not need to add more sugar, banana is already sweet of its natural sweetness. The healthy dose of potassium help to lower you blood pressure. This fruit is great for those who have hypertension.

4. Coffee
When we go to healthy food for breakfast, these two drinks will never come up in our mind. Yet, now, it does. Take these two drinks for your breakfast. Coffee is linked to a lower risk of various disease, like prostate cancer and diabetes. For some people, even it can help you to live longer. The antioxidant and caffeine content in coffee are great for health. You can choose espresso to start your day, but mix with skim milk only and avoid sugar and cream.

If coffee is not your choice, choose tea which has less caffeine. It also hydrates more than coffee. Tea is famous of its antioxidant agent. Drinking five cups of tea per day will increase your metabolism. It is also great choice for those who want to lose weight. These what are the healthy foods.

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