Wednesday, March 23, 2016

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Information on nutrition and health can be easily searched on various health magazine website or blog about health, and much more. This information is important to be known by everyone. People, especially pregnant women or mothers with infants will get much benefit from reading the information. Many current cases of infant malnutrition because women do not know the number of nutrients that should be consumed for a healthy baby. There are a lot of nutrition role for growing children.

Nutrient Intake and Intelligence
Many babies are dying due to lack of vitamins and minerals. Baby's basic needs are adequate nutrition. Dietary intake did not only play an important role in the growth, but it can also affect intelligence. Children who are malnourished will experience impaired growth and intelligence. Malnutrition in children under 5 years can lead to death. Mothers should know information about nutrition should be consumed by children. Adequate nutrition should be given when the baby is still in the womb. One substance that is needed for the brain intelligence is iodine. If a child iodine deficiency, the intelligence can be reduced from 10 to 50 points. The decline is certainly adversely affects the child's intelligence. 

Children with low intelligence would make it difficult to receive lessons in school and hamper the future of the child. Nutritional problems in children can be classified into two types of vitamin A deficiency and iodine deficiency. To overcome this, the mother can provide breast milk exclusively. Children who consumed breast milk is more rare diseases and more intelligent than children who consumed milk in the packaging. She was also able to monitor the child's body mass index regularly and give vitamin A which is done regularly. Pregnant women can read information about nutrition should he eat. By reading the information, pregnant women can regulate eating, foods that should be consumed, and so for every pregnant woman should consume foods with a balanced dose should not be excessive and should not be starved. If the mother does not consume a healthy diet, then it will affect the baby in the womb.

Importance of Health
Health is a major factor that we can conduct their activities smoothly. We should not underestimate the health of the body. Many people are exposed to dangerous diseases because they do not care about their health, if it has been exposed to the disease, it will be more difficult to restore the state of our body as before we are sick. Whereas a lot of things to do to maintain the health of our bodies. We can do exercise to keep your body healthy and fresh. We can consume nutritious food in order to have a healthy body. We can follow the advice of your doctor or health care professional to start a healthy life. Such information can be used to select healthy foods. 

A healthy body also makes the feeling of being more happy and excited in living activity. With health care, we do not have to pay the hospital fees are expensive and tortured with chemical drugs. It's better to prevent disease than to cure the disease. If we can prevent the disease coming from now, why we do not immediately start the preventive measures. Of course we do not want to be attacked dangerous disease. If we get the flu, our activity has been disrupted because we have headache. If we are exposed to severe illness, then the effect on our body will be worse than the symptoms. You can change the style of life that used to be with a healthy lifestyle slowly. You can reduce the instant food. To support a healthy lifestyle, you can see information on nutrition and health.

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