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Weight loss is old problem for anyone whether you are man or woman. The reasons for weight loss maybe are different for each person. Some people want weight loss for beauty and some for health. Any trick and tools are available for you who want to loose weight. One of trick for weight loss is making healthy recipes for weight loss. For making healthy recipes you should know what kind of foods which are friendly for your weight loss program. And in paragraph below are these selected foods, listed in alphabetical order:

These Foods Should be Contained in Your Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

1. Apple Cider Vinegar. 
Many healthy recipes used this apple cider vinegar as dressing or vinaigrette. Some people even like to drink diluted vinegar in water. There is research study in obese people that showed how consuming apple vinegar 15-30 ml per day for 12 weeks could loose weight in these people for about 2.6-3.7 pounds.

2. Avocados. 
If you make healthy salad and add avocados in it, you will raise the vegetables’ nutrient uptake up to 15-folds. Avocados’ fats that makes the increase of nutrient uptake. Olive oil also has these fats that are high of monounsaturated oleic acid. Avocados also contain fiber and potassium.

3. Beans and Legumes. 
Beans and legumes like kidney beans, lentils, black beans etc, are full of fiber, protein and starch that make you feel satiate.

4.  Boiled Potatoes. 
Many people might think that potatoes can not be included in healthy recipes for weight losssince potatoes are starchy vegetables that most of diets avoided to eat. However if you eat boiled potatoes solely you will feel full and less appetite for other foods. Boiled potatoes contained some sort of fiber and potassium that are benefits for loosing weight and controlling blood pressure.

5. Chia Seeds. 
One ounce of chia seeds are containing 12 grams of carbohydrate with 11 grams are fiber. Because chia seeds full of fibers that make chia seeds are perfect for loosing weight program.

6. Chili Pepper. 
Chili pepper has a substance called capsaicin that is responsible for reducing appetite and increasing fat burning.

7. Coconut Oil. 
Type of fatty acid that is high in coconut oil is Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). This fatty acid is responsible for burning amount of calories and fats especially belly fats and also making you feel satiate.

8. Cottage Cheese. 
Cottage cheese full of protein with little of calories and also full of calcium. For people with weight loss program eating a lot of protein is better than eating carbohydrates. Calcium is better for aiding the process of fat burning.

9. Cruciferous Vegetables. 
What vegetables that are called cruciferous vegetables? Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and the likes. They are full of fiber and proteins though not as much as protein in animal or in legumes, but still cruciferous vegetables are perfect for your healthy recipes for weight loss. Cruciferous vegetables also high of anti-oxidants that useful for preventing cancer.

10. Fruits. 
Everyone knows that fruits are healthy. Fruits are high of fibers and low energy density that boost the satiety feeling. So you’re better including fruits in your diets.

11. Full-fat Yoghurt. 
Yoghurt is dairy product that contains probiotic bacteria and these bacteria are benefits for the health of gastrointestinal. Full-fat yoghurt is proved can reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes type 2.

12. Grapefruit. 
One study is reported that eating half a grapefruit thirty minutes before meals for 12 weeks could loose the weight for about 3.5 pounds. This study had been research to 91 obese people.

13. Leafy Greens. 
Leafy greens like spinach and kale are full of fiber, vitamin, minerals, anti-oxidants and low calorie that make them perfect to be included in your meals.

14. Lean Meats. 
No matter meats you eat, whether it is chicken, beef, lamb or pork, meats are high protein. There is study that said high protein diet could burn the calorie up to 100 per day and if the protein intake is increasing to 25-30% then it could help the weight loss up to a pound per week.

15. Nuts. 
Nuts have balance composition of fats, fibers and proteins and they have proven could improve the metabolism and loose the weight.

There are still many foods that are friendly for your weight loss program, like eggs, whole grains, tuna and salmon. As long as you make the meals with basic principles foods which are high fiber, high protein, low calorie and low carbohydrates, I think you could make healthy recipes for weight loss.

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