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Best foods for weight loss are the keywords we are always looking for on the search engine. Some of us are still confused what kind of foods said to be the best, the top, the number one to defeat fat and finally brings us the ideal weight. When going on a diet, we cannot consume any foods carelessly without the right control. For instance, you say you are on a diet when in the morning you eat oatmeal yet in the afternoon you consume too much fried chicken. This is wrong. You need the right guidance to not only shape your body, but also to nourish and healthy body so you could live longer and witness how your children get married. So instead of looking for ‘wrong’ information out there, here we try to be the best as we can providing the best foods that couldn’t harm your health even when you are on a diet.
Give These Best Foods for Weight Loss a Try!
Give These Best Foods for Weight Loss a Try! via
On top of all, vegetables are the first solution
We cannot ignore the fact that vegetables hold an important role in improving our health. Broccoli, for instance, is the best source of calcium and fiber. Maybe you would try a menu with broccoli like making a salad of it and mixture with cashews and sesame dressing. Meanwhile, there is cabbage that has a high content of antioxidants such as vitamin c. In addition, the good of cabbage can be seen through its function as the best immune-booster. Make sure you buy and consume fresh vegetables as we know that we are living in the era where almost foods have been developed with technology. By eating more fresh vegetables, you are able to cut down more calories.

Chew the beans!
Why do you have to spend more money on ‘healthy’ foods as an excuse that you are on a diet? Why don’t you look around and take some advantages? Beans are the cheap food you can eat any time you want without worrying that you would gain some weight. They contain high protein and fiber which are really good for your diet. As beans are slow to digest, you will feel full and be not easily hungry.

Give a try to dark chocolate
Tons of articles and sources, all of them, report that chocolate is somehow not good for health. We guess it maybe because the calorie content therein. But dark chocolate? Why don’t you give it a try to prove that dark chocolate is not as dangerous as we have thought for all this time? However, dark chocolate is not recommended as your breakfast. It would be better to consume during meals. Don’t eat that chocolate too much. You are allowed to eat a square or two of it.

Have grapefruit for snacks
Grapefruit is not only a fruit. It has lots of benefits for health, and one of them is to help people losing their weight. People who are suffering from diabetes are strongly advised to consume grapefruit often. Grapefruit should be eaten right before breakfast, lunch or dinner. Researchers from Scripps Clinic located in San Diego have made a report that eating grapefruit could help people lose 3 ½ pounds in average in 12 weeks. But you need to keep this in mind, grapefruit does not necessarily make your skinny. It only helps you to feel full so you won’t crave for snacks.

Let’s have eggs and sausage for breakfast
If you have foods containing high protein for breakfast, you may survive and could fight against the snack temptation for the rest of the day. Eggs and sausages are the two instances which are rich in protein. You need to eat these foods to acquire 35 grams of protein so you feel fuller and there is no an excuse to walk down the street and purchase some snacks. So let’s start your day with these best foods for weight loss.

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