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Facts about food and nutrition can be used for guidance in choosing the right foods and healthy accordance with the needs of the body. The food has a close relationship with the person's nutritional intake for nutrients obtained from foods consumed by the person. We can tell if someone has an adequate nutrition by way of examination of body mass index, nutrition interviews, analysis of the composition of the food consumed and laboratory tests. Nutrition is an important factor that will determine a person's diet. Nutrition also plays a role to make human life to be more healthy and quality. The more knowledge about nutrition, then one will be more expensive types of food he consumed.
Facts about Food and Nutrition: Information to Get Good Nutrition
Facts about Food and Nutrition via
Healthy Food Guidelines
Nowadays knowledge about nutrition is very easy to obtain. With the development of the Internet that allows everyone to exchange information quickly and easily, then we can see the information the nutritional value of certain foods using only the gadgets that we have. Currently in android also has an application that can calculate the nutritional content of your food. You simply enter your food menu in the application and the application will display all the nutrients that exist ranging from carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and proteins. With these applications you can certainly regulate food intake for your body. This application is available in the official Android store and can be downloaded easily. There is even a special application that provides healthy juice recipes and makes healthy meals. You can try different recipes juices, salads, wholesome soups, and so forth. There is a special application to know which foods are good for pregnant women, for babies, and much more. Recipes provided usually do not use ingredients that are too complicated.

Table of Nutrients
The tools used to determine the nutritional content of food is nutrition’s table. In the table of nutrients are usually already contained nutrients that are owned by the complete foodstuff. We can find out the nutritional content of eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and so forth. This table does not only provide information about the nutritional content, but also tells about the function of these nutrients. For example, protein function to replace cells damaged body, regulating blood balance, and so forth. Nutrition table can be used for those who want to live healthy and diet with a balanced diet. People are more likely to do a quick diet without a proper guide. They hope to lose weight in a short time. They also typically reduces food intake without the right dose or even do not eat to lose weight rapidly declined. Whereas in fact, a quick diet will lead to other diseases and weight gain because the body is not given a chance to adjust digestion. Gastrointestinal conditions will be disturbed if we suddenly did not eat or do the wrong diet. Therefore, nutrition tables can be used to adjust our diet and our guide in choosing the right foods.

Nutrient Content of Instant Food
Nutrition is also viewable on food packaging that we will buy. But most people are lazy to read the nutritional value of existing information on the packaging, but the information is very important to find the right dosage or quantity of food packaging that can consume without endangering their health. For example we will consume instant noodles, and then you can read the information on the packaging about the composition of the materials used, manner of presentation, the expiry date, and the amount that can be consumed. You can also look at the various websites about the nutritional value of instant noodles so you can know that instant noodles contain high carbohydrate and fat, the number of calories contained in instant noodles, saturated fat content, and much more. If you have free time you can also acquire knowledge about the nutritional value of physician nutrition. Usually, a doctor of nutrition can provide written guidance on facts about food and nutrition.

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