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To find the best over the counter acne treatment, you have to know how the acne products differ, what the main ingredient you should look for, and how to use them for the best results. Many over the counter (OTC) acne products are available ranging from creams, moisturizers, gels, foams, cleaning lotion, leave-on products, and kits. But you should be aware that many popular OTC acne products can cause side effects ranging from mild effects such as redness, irritation, and itching to serious effects include swelling of the face, lips, or tongue and throat tightness. Therefore, you must find a product that works best for your skin type, your skin care preference, and your acne type and severity. The following are some guidelines for finding and using the best over the counter acne treatment.

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Begin with lower strength acne products

Start with a lower strength product can help reduce redness, dry skin and other skin problems. If necessary, apply gradually to help your skin adjust to the treatment. Here is some of the products content that can treat acne.

Benzoyl peroxide
If you are not too sure which one you should buy, start with benzoyl peroxide.
  • This is the top choice to treat mild to moderate acne accompanied by inflammation.
  • This is keratolytic (causing exfoliation) so it can overcome your comedones.
  • It can kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and lift blockage of the pore.
The use of this product may cause mild irritation. To prevent it, use the lowest level, 2.5%. If you want to use the 5%, do it gradually. Use once a day and wash your face after a few hours. If your skin is getting used to this product and no irritation occurs, use twice a day. Be careful when applying this product since it can whiten your hair and clothing.

Azelaic acid
This ingredient is commonly used as an alternative for those who do not wish to undergo topical retinoid or benzoyl peroxide because of its annoying and distracting side effects.
  • Get rid of dead skin and kill acne.
  • Do not make the users sensitive to the sun
  • It can make the skin becomes red and dry. Sometimes the skin is also itchy, burning, or stinging.
Salicylic acid
  • It is keratolytic and intended for mild acne.
  • Working as a mild antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, but it is not as effective as benzoyl peroxide.
  • It is often combined with Sulphur and Resorcinol in one package and can be used 2-3 times a day.
  • It can cause irritation which is lighter than benzoyl peroxide.
  • It is excellent in lifting mild blockage in the pore.
  • It is keratolytic and is intended for mild and moderate acne.
  • At the beginning, it can cause slight redness and exfoliates.
The skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight so you should use it at night.
Take some products that have different active ingredients for treating your stubborn acne
Acne ingredients work in different ways so if you have stubborn acne and if it is necessary, you can use a variety of products that have different ingredients. However, as stated above, each ingredient has its own side effects and may cause irritation. To prevent it, apply one in the morning and the other at night.

Be patient!
Treating acne in many ways requires extra time and patience. It will probably take two to three months to see the results if you use it regularly. Not all ingredients are suitable for your skin. Therefore, you may need to try several different products with different active ingredients to find the best over the counter acne treatment that works best for you.

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