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Knowing the newest Mesothelioma Treatment Guide should part of your family health plans. Nowadays, medical world is trying to conduct better and better treatment for mesothelioma, even for the rare mesothelioma case. There are several common treatments for mesothelioma that you must know The types of Mesothelioma treatments
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Before conducting any treatments, the doctor will examine the cancer cell stage, location, and the cell type of the cancer. Then, at least there three types of treatments which are common to take care mesothelioma.

First, it is curative treatments. It means that the doctor remove the mesothelioma cell from the body of a patient. When the patient is diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma, and their health condition is able to handle curation, the doctor may suggest the patients the pleurectomy with decortication (P/D) or extrapleural pneumonectomy (EEP). The treatment is always combined with chemotherapy.

Second, it is the palliative treatment. It is the treatment to relieve pain that is caused by any symptom of mesothelioma. Most patients whom are treated with palliative treatment diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma thoracentesis. In some cases, this treatment is combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy to kill the cancer cell.

Third, it is the multimodal therapy. It is actually the combination of the first and second treatments that usually also combined with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy at once. It is used to fight the cancer cell in more than just one or two ways. The surgery will remove the tumor, but not kill the cancer cell. When the other therapies will destroy and even kill the cancer cell. Some research at Dana Farber Cancer Center, USA show that more than 22% of mesothelioma patients have longer lifespan even more than 5 years as expected when they get multimodal treatment if they really follow the Mesothelioma Treatment Guide.

More about the surgery
How about the surgery or curative treatment? There are some details we have to know more. First, the P/D. It stands for pleurectomy with decortication. It is a curative treatment which is performed with surgery to remove the lining of lung where the cancer tumor grow. This surgery is performed to remove any visible tumor from the lining of lung and usually around the diaphragm and pericardium, the lining protection of the heart. This 90% of patents who have this procedure will retain 100% of their breathing function. But, after 2o months the doctor needs to re-examine the condition of the patients.

Second, the EPP or extrapleural pneumonectomy. It is a bigger surgery to remove not only the affected tissues, but to remove the whole lining of the ling and the lung that has been affected by the cancer. This procedure is performed for the worse condition where the doctor finds there is a big possibility for the cancer to spread to another tissue and organ around the diaphragm. The patient health condition will be recover three years after the surgery.

Chemotherapy vs Radiotherapy
A lot of people are confused to distinguish between chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Chemotherapy is actually a procedure to kill and destroy the cancer using drugs. First, the systemic chemotherapy. It means the drugs are given to the body through the patient’s bloodstream to destroy any cancer cell that is contacted to the drugs. It can be given to the patient through pills or an IV. Second, it is the intraoperative. This chemotherapy happens when the doctor gives the drugs during the surgery. The procedure really depends on the condition whether the doctor will give the drugs directly into the lung of the patient or to the abdominal cavity.

How about the radiotherapy. In simple way, radio therapy is the radiation procedure. The doctor will give the patient some radiation treatment to kill the cancer. It is usually combined with the chemotherapy procedure. To survive the cancer and the therapy, patients have to follow special diet and keep their body fit based on the Mesothelioma Treatment Guide.

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