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There are some options of lung cancer treatment you have to know. Some people think that it is surgery and some chemotherapy as the main treatment for the cancer. Indeed, there are some more details you have to know about the treatments.

Lung Cancer Treatment Some Options You Must Know
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Surgical treatment 
Surgical treatments or surgery is actually the common procedure to remove the cancer tumor or the tissue and organ which are affected by the cancer cell. There are several surgery types to treat lung cancer:

1. Lobectomy
It is a procedure to remove the whole lobes of the lung. The doctor usually suggests lobectomy for even the smallest lung cancer tumor my spread to the whole lung and even to another organ.

2. Wedge resection
In some cases the lobectomy is just too difficult to be conducted. In this situation, a wedge resection can be the better option. This is a procedure curation to remove the lung cancer tumor up to the margin of the healthy lung.

3. Segmentectomy
It is also another option to remove the tumor when the whole lobe cannot just be removes. Segmentectomy is a procedure to remove the affected part of the patient’s lung.

4. Pneumectomy
It is the procedure to remove the whole part of the lung, even the healthy part.

5. Radiofrequency ablation
Radiofrequency ablation or people also call it RFA is the common procedure to kill the cancer cell with a needle that is inserted to the tumor. The doctor will perform RFA when the other procedure cannot be examined.

The therapy
To support the surgery, the doctor usually require the patient to take chemo and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy is the therapy where the patients have to take some drugs in the form of pills or sometime through an IV. The drugs will fight the cancer cell when it is spread through the bloodstream. At the same time, the patients are also required to take radiation therapy where the patient has to get some x-ray radiation to kill the cancer cell.

Healthy diet to fight cancer cell
To support the medical treatment, the doctors usually ask you to get on special diet. But it is sometime for you to keep eating due to the side effect of the therapy. To help getting the best nutrition to fight the cancer cell there are several powerful juice you have to consider.

1. The cruciferous vegetable
It includes collard greens, arugula, turnips, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and watercress. This kind of vegetables contains glucosinaltes that help detoxification enyzme and high antioxidant. It is the best to fight breast, liver, colon, and of course lung cancer.

2. Artichoke
Some researches in University of Illinois found that celery and artichoke are very effective cancer for they have apigenin and luteolin. Not only fighting cancer, especially pancreatic cancer, artichoke also have very high antioxidant, rich vitamin combinations, and able to reduce cholesterol

3. Berries
Different from other ingredients that will be effective when you are consuming them in the form of juice, berries would be more effective if you make them smoothies. It has good fiber and richer nutrition in its flesh. Berries, such as raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries have complex antioxidant to neutralize free radical. They also contain phytonutrient like ellagic acid that is able to fight cancer cell. It has high vitamin C, vitamin A, and folate to boost your immune system and fitness.

Just consume these powerful juice everyday to help you getting enough nutrition and make you fresh. It is important to stay fresh to survive the therapy. It is also important for you to avoid any pollution that makes you hard to breathe to support all options of the lung cancer treatment you take.

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