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Coronary heart disease is actually the condition of blockages in coronary heart that is caused by plaques which are built up inside the coronary artery. Th plaque will make the smooth and elastic artery become narrower and also rigid so the blood the flow to the heart is restricted. The fatal condition will make the heart cannot get enough oxygen and nutrient that it needs to work. It can make some sudden stop to the heart.
Coronary Heart Disease: Prevention and Healthy Life to Survive It
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The main reason
To know how to prevent and to survive it, first we have to know the main reason of this heart diseases. In fact, it is the high level of cholesterol. High level of cholesterol will start to stay inside your vessel wall even when you are still young. When you get older, the plaque is developed and damage your vessel. Some nutrient like calcium and lipoprotein will also easily get trapped into the plaques and it causes the vessel narrower. This condition will block the blood that flow to the heart, especially when you are tired, get stressed, and have high blood pressure. In the worst condition the blood will be completely blocked and your heart will suddenly stop.

To prevent the heart disease, you have to start adjusting your diet. There are several powerful ingredients that you have to include to your daily menu.

Oranges is a magic fruit that help reducing the blood pressure and cholesterol. It has soluble fiber pectin that works like some sponge to absorb the cholesterol in your bloodstream and prevent your body to absorb cholesterol from the food. The most effective orange is lemon and lime than have high citrus pectin. It will neutralize galectin 3, some kind of protein, that leads to heart failure. Pieter Muntendam, mD from the BG Medicine Waltham states that consuming oranges in daily menu can prevent the risk of coronary heart disease up to 37%.

It is a good thing if you always use garlic to cook your daily food. It has been proved that garlic is very effective to clean the plaque and reduce the blood pressure at the same time. Garlic has angiotensin enzyme that fight restricted blood vessels. It helps your body prevent any possibility of heart attack up to 50% when you have about 250 mg of garlic extract in a day.

Red wine and dark chocolate
Red wine has high polyphenols that effectively maintain the flexibility of your blood vessels. It is good not only for your heart, but also to fight potential cancer cell. While the dark chocolate is good to increase overall heart and blood vessel health. It reduces blood pressure and relaxing your mood.

Survive the heart attack
Besides you have to really follow every procedure the doctor ask you to get, it is also very suggested for you to be a vegetarian. Vegan food is relatively non cholesterol and non fat ingredients. But still, there are several things you have to pay attention.

Cooking style
It is important for you to avoid fried food and snacks. Even they are made of vegetables, they still have higher cholesterol content.

Green vegetables
Make sure you always have at least one cup of green vegetables like spinach, kale, brocoli, turnip, and or mustard. You can make them some juice or just cook them so you get its best vegetarian fiber. These vegetables have high magnesium. It is the best mineral for your blood.

Tomatoes and pink guava
Always consider tomatoes and pink guava as the main fruit you are eating. These two fruits have high vitamin A, vitamin C, lycopene, and gamma amino butyric acid that effectively strengthen your heart tissue. They will also lower your blood pressure and give high nutrient for your blood.
These three things have to part of your diet to survive coronary heart disease.

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