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Before knowing some breast cancer treatment, it is the best for us to know about early detection of the cancer. Breast cancer is one of cancer types that is easily diagnosed and treated. But still, it has to be as early as possible to diagnose the cancer so the patient will survive.Knowing your body well The first rule to help you detecting the cancer is to get to know your body very well. At least once a month you have to check your breast. It is very easy and practical. You just to stand topless in front of some mirror and examine is there any visible different between your left and right breast. 

Then, you raise your right hand facing the ceiling and use your left hand to gently massage your right breast in circular way. Do it slowly and gently. It will help you finding if there is anything wrong like painful area when you are massaging or any bump and swollen area in your breast. Do the exactly same thing to your other breast. This simple procedure is very helpful for you to detect anything wrong on your own as fast as possible. Just check to the doctor if you find anything wrong.

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At the same time, you also have to pay attention to your gen and lifestyle. If you have close relative like sister, grandmother, and especially mother who is suffering breast cancer, you have to be really careful. It is suggested for you to visit the doctor for some consultation and examination whether you have any potential of breast cancer. At last, pay attention on your lifestyle. Junk food is the most factor that leads to cancer, including breast cancer. It is suggested for you to start a healthy diet and workout at least 30 minutes in a day. Learn some information about breast cancer treatment is also suggested so you do not over think the scary treatments.  

Knowing the treatment
The American Cancer Society explains that the general main type of breast cancer treatment would include surgery to remove the cancer and even the breast, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, bone-directed therapy, and targeted therapy. They all are performed through several ways such as the local versus systemic therapy. It is performed to treat the tumor without affecting the rest of the patient body. There are surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for this local treatment.

There is also adjuvant and neo-adjuvant therapy. It is the therapy to prevent the cancer cell to spread to other organ and tissue. It has to be performed with x-rat and some imaging test to decide whether the patient needs some adjuvant therapy. This therapy is necessary for patients whom are predicted to have other cancer than the breast cancer and high stadium of breast cancer. But, the effectiveness really depends on the patient’s condition and strength.

Diet to support the treatments
To support the treatments you have to follow special diet and lifestyle. It really depends on your condition and your doctor’s suggestion. But, in general there are several ingredients you have to consider in your daily menu. Take for example, consider green tea. Green tea has very high antioxidant to fight the cancer cell. It also makes you fresh and calming. You can also consider soursop leafs to replace the green tea. You just need to drink the beverage 2 to 3 times in a day. It will fight the cancer cell very well.

Since it is sometime the patient gets nausea during the therapy, they may suffer from mal nutrition. It can be dangerous for you need to stay healthy to survive chemotherapy and radiation therapy. To help you, you can drink more tomato and watermelon juice. These two fruits have high fruit water content, lycopene, and vitamin that are easy to absorbed and fresh to help you surviving the breast cancer treatment.
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