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Lung cancer symptoms actually can be detected earlier if you concern on those occurring symptoms. The lung has two main functions including transferring oxygen to the blood when inhaling breath and getting out the carbon dioxide when you take a breath. Lung cancer is a kind of common cancer types in which it is the most possibly prevented cancer type. In early stages, the lung symptoms are not clear enough. It is the type of cancer disease. So, it is very harmful for the death and life of people. Here are some symptoms of lung cancer.

Do Not Neglect Cough
Everyone suffers cough because it is a common disease suffered by most of the people. Cough will be cured for days. If you suffer cough for days and even more than a week and occur at cold weather, you need to be aware of this symptom. This is possibly related to the lung cancer disease or the early lung cancer symptoms. Make sure that you have checked it to the doctor if you have cough for longer time to prevent more serious condition.

Out of Breath
Another symptom can be related to the breath. You can feel out of the breath and breathless when you do so many activities. But, you need to be more careful if you often get out of the breath frequently without any reasons when you even do not do hard activities. If you are in that condition, it becomes one of possible lung cancer symptoms. Out of breath is one of the lung cancer symptoms caused by the smoking habit.

Often Getting Sick and Painful on Certain Body Part
Pain on the certain body part is stimulated by the lung cancer disease. One of the pain feelings is on the chest, shoulder, back, and arm. This often happens to the lung cancer sufferers because lung cancer causes the breathing problems and presses the nerve on the body parts. The poor and bad health is also being one of cancer symptoms caused by smoking habit. If you smoke, you will get tired, depressed and weight loss easily. You need to consult to the doctor soon and do the routine check up to know the causes of those pains.

Wheezing at sleeping is one of the lung cancer symptoms that often appear. You need to be aware of this symptom. This becomes a lung cancer disease symptom that is often misunderstood to be a sleeping problem. Though it rules out that possibility, this problem appearing continuously even has been overcome. It has to always consult your health condition to the doctor to prevent more serious lung cancer.

Another symptom of lung cancer is bronchitis. Bronchitis is one of the lung cancer symptoms. It actually rarely occurs. The smokers are risky to this symptom. For those smoking, you have to be careful for this sign. If you feel painful and unhealthy caused by bronchitis, it is better to be aware of that thing because it is possibly causing lung cancer disease.

Voice Changes
Voice can change to be hoarseness and sound bad when you have fever or influenza. Do not neglect it if you often suffer it. The changes of your voice are detected to be one of lung cancer symptoms. But, this symptom is often mischaracterized. This lung cancer will influence vocal chords so that it is very possible to cause your voice to change. If your voice changes in a certain longer time, even influenza and fever cures, you have to check it to the doctor. It is strongly recommended to do lung scan to recognize your disease. Those are some lung cancer symptoms.

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