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Breast cancer symptoms are often ignored by both women and men. If the breast cancer can be detected earlier, it tends to be easily cured. Breast cancer usually attacks women but it does not close the possibility to attack men. This cancer can be suffered from genetic line and unhealthy lifestyle. There are some symptoms of breast cancer that you should know.

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Wrinkles on the Breast
One of the ignored breast cancer symptoms is occurring wrinkles on the breast. When you raise your arm and look at your shadow on the mirror, you see wrinkles on almost all areas of breasts. You are likely afraid of that condition. It is right because there is a bad thing happened to you. You need to check yourself to the doctor to detect what kind of the disease.  As tumor develops, it can disrupt skin architecture. It causes the deep ligament to be wrinkled. This wrinkle can be removed when you lower your arm.

Nipple Changes
In addition, another breast cancer symptom is nipple changes. This symptom is very easy to detect because you can see and observe it directly. Nipple turning into the different color and bleeding likely shows abnormal condition. If your two nipples are greenish and brownish, it is not merely to be the breast cancer sign. It is potentially the problems of your nipple. But, if your only one nipple is bloody, it can be breast cancer symptoms.

Pain on the breasts especially becomes a main sign of breast cancer for the women above 50 years old. Though it gets common pain on the breasts, you still need to concern more on this condition. Moreover, if the pain is felt on one breast only, it is going to be a breast cancer symptom. The pain is caused by the development of cancer cells. Back pain often feels if you get tired. But, it will be abnormal if the pain is felt to the chest and epigastrium. This can be an initial symptom of breast cancer risks. Do not wait for longer time. Control and consult it to the doctor soon to prevent some serious risks to get breast cancer.

Color Changes
Breast cancer symptoms are mostly related to the changes like color changes on the breasts. Breast cancer can occur from nipple. If your nipples are flaked and irritated, but it does not appear on the area of areola complex, you must be aware of that condition. In addition, another change raises like the nipple color changes in which it looks reddish and purple. This is abnormal condition. Tumor and cancer cells have attacked the nipples and issues so that it changes the color of nipples. Red color on one side of breast should be warned because it may be a sign of breast cancer. It needs to be evaluated deeply if the breast skin gets thickening.

Lump in the Breasts
The most common symptom of breast cancer is identified by the lump in the breast. But, you have to understand that not all lumps in the breast are the sign of breast cancer. When you palpate the lump but you do not feel painful, it is not a symptom of breast cancer. It is different from the lump containing cancer cells. As you touch it, it feels painful and sick. The size of the lump is usually small like a nut but it is getting bigger when the cancer cells gnaw your breasts and body. It is usually in the left and right side of breasts or possibly in armpit. You can check and consult it to the doctor if you find that abnormal condition in which it may be breast cancer symptoms.

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