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Applying the tips for eating healthy and maintaining a good level of physical activity are the basic keys to keep the ideal weight. To increase the level of physical activity, you can pick several options depending on the availability of time and resources. For example, you can add an intense 30-minute walk on alternate days to your daily routine. This way it will improve your cardiovascular performance and burn extra energy. In terms of food, variety, moderation, and balance are the keys. Just follow these simple rules to get yourself used to eating healthily:

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1. Eat varied kinds of food
Our bodies need over 40 different nutrients. As there is no single food that contains them all, you should have a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, poultry and fish. Follow the food pyramid and ensure a nutritious diet. The amount of food you consume depends on your calorie needs.  The fats and sweets group must be limited and that more must be controlled to decrease weight.

2. Eat moderate portions
Do not swallow as if there was no tomorrow! One trick to remove this habit is to reduce the size of food portions on the plate. On the other hand, it is important that you spend time to eat: take your time. This way, you'll feel full faster and not feel the need to eat so much.

3. Respect the 4 meals
Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner must be present in your daily eating. You also have to eat healthy snacks between them to satisfy your appetite so that you won’t be desperate to get the next meal. But do not cheat and convert your snack in the fifth meal.

5.  Avoid certain foods
Many times we eat for pleasure, not hunger. This usually happens with candy, desserts and junk food we both love to eat. But if you really want to eat healthily, you should moderate the consumption of these foods.

6. Don’t skip breakfast
Always have breakfasts so that you have the energy your body need to do the daily activities (work, school, leisure, etc.). It is advisable to devote enough time to this meal. Don’t forget to always include some fruit, if possible with cereals with little sugar and low-fat dairy (be careful with lactose, many people do not tolerate it yet they don’t know that they suffer from it).

7. Reduce your intake of fat
To reduce the consumption of fat , you must know the fat content of food, but not only the visible; foods have hidden fat that is harmful because they are usually saturated. This hidden fat usually exists in red meat, dairy, sausages, etc. Also avoid fried foods, animal fats, margarine and butter.

8. Enjoy your favorite food
Include also those foods that you prefer and which usually are not included in a weight loss plan. It is illogical to remove the food you like best because the forbidden is always the most desired and tends to generate lack of control. Knowing that you can eat every day something you love lets you control your portion.

9. Drink two liters of water a day
Make sure you drink two liters of water a day to stay hydrated. This is especially important if your diet is lack of fruits and vegetables.  Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sweetened drinks.

10. Prioritize less processed foods
Finally, the last tip for eating healthy is to pick the freshest food or foods that are in their most natural state. If you have to cook them, use low temperatures. Less processed foods keep more nutrition than those refined ones.

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