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A good nutrition is needed for our body to function properly and maintain its health. This is why it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle and consume nutritious foods. There are six categories of nutrients. They are consisted of macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, protein), micronutrients (minerals and vitamins), and water. If you fail or neglect any of the proper combinations of these nutrients, you will experience deficiencies that will lead you to various problems associated with health. If you wish to start living a healthy life and achieve your fitness goals, start taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle by paying attention to your nutrition! In achieving health and fitness goals, macronutrients are three of the items you have to focus on as your first priority. But of course, it is important to not neglecting the three other items too. This article will elaborate on the importance of having a balanced intake of nutrient combinations.

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Good Nutrition Supports and Grow Your Muscle
When you eat protein-rich food, they will later be broken down by the body as amino acids, which are the essential building blocks for your muscle. These amino acids will be used to either repair or develop your muscle’s tissues. For those who exercise regularly or are physically active in general will be benefitted from this substance. If you consume enough protein, you will recover at a quicker rate compared to if you are deficit in protein. After all, each and every tissue in your body is exactly made of protein. Therefore, if you consume an adequate amount of it, you will have plenty of building blocks to tend to your muscle. Furthermore, protein is also necessary to help your nervous and immune system.

Good Nutrition Provides Sufficient Energy
Nutrition is like the fuel of our body. Without it, our body will fail to function properly. If we have sufficient intake of good nutrition, our body will perform better. Like how a race car and its fuel analogy goes. This is why if you wish to stay on an adequate amount of energy, you need to get a proper nutrition. Substances such as carbohydrates will give you the energy that you will need in order to properly function within a day. In fact, if you wish to maintain your level of energy, you will be needing muscle glycogen. When your carbs are ingested, insulin will be released by your pancreas to process it. Afterwards, carbohydrate will be sorted by insulin. Some will go to the muscle and some will go the fat reserve. Having a proper nutrition will not only energise you properly, but also will help to build your overall physique and aid you for a better weight loss results.

Fats Are Important Too! Don’t be Afraid to have Fats!
One of very common myths in dieting is that fats will make you, well, fat. First of all, if your body don’t have fats, you won’t be able to survive as they are a part of the three macronutrients. The fat reserve in our body is our primary source of energy. There are 9 calories per gram stored in fats. And this is the one that also protects us from the cold. Also, it helps you to be more mobile and loose since it help lubricate the joints in your body. Important Vitamins such as A, D, E, and K also love to reside in fat. Even though when those fat-soluble vitamins are taken too much, they can be toxic. It is common to find people unable to distinguish between monounsaturated fats, saturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats.

Good Nutrition Provides Vitamins and Minerals
Being micronutrients, minerals and vitamins are important nutrients that are needed by our body. Not only can they help with body’s basic function, they are also important for quickening the rate of our chemical reactions. Like, the three macronutrients, they are as important but we only need them in small amounts. Too much of these can be toxic!

Hydrate Yourself Properly!
Drink enough water daily! In order to survive, we will be needing water as it composes 70% of our body. If you are in a harsh and extreme condition, you won’t be able to survive without water more than three hours tops. Although you can survive up to 8 up to 10 days before you die of dehydration in some cases. Nevertheless, water is as important as nutrients! As our body contains some amount of toxic and need water to cleanse it. Not only that, it also helps your bod from overheating while exercising. It cools down your body and quench the thirst in your throat. Combining good nutrition, drinking enough water, and an overall active/healthy lifestyle will go a long way of ensuring your health.
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