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Do you live in a busy schedule in busy town in Indonesia? Well, you might have to consider some health insurance that help you supporting your health fitness. If you want to put your health and fitness to your insurance coverage, definitely you cannot just apply for some general insurance coverage or just put yourself to the government health assurance. You need specific insurance that takes care of your health and provides some coverage and program to your fitness program. There are several considerations to help you picking the right insurance that supports you to improve your fitness.

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Check the policy and coverage
There are two kind of insurance products that are very popular in Indonesia, the life insurance and health insurance. The life insurance is an insurance product that give health and medical coverage and calculate your economic value to cover when you are not able to work or pass away. While the health insurance is the insurance the provides only health coverage for the medical care and health treatments. So, which insurance you have to pick to support your fitness program? You have to check the policy and the product of the insurance. Pick the insurance that offers you group health. In this area the insurance usually gives the customers health service like gym or health and fitness center that you can take.

Check the premium
Although it gives you practical way to keep and improve your fitness, still you have calculate the budget you need to pay the insurance premium. It is suggested for you to compare the premium to the budget you have to spend in a year when you join some fitness or gym center on your own. Different from some other countries that might have similar price for the similar facilities, in Indonesia there are various kind of price rate even if for similar professional gym and fitness center. Therefore, you have to check the budget you need for the health fitness.

Check the special programs
Most insurance companies in Indonesia offer the products for basic life and health assurance, individual assurance, family health insurance, and health insurance with some investment and children education protections. And it is relatively more difficult to get the insurance products that also offer you fitness program. The best thing you can do is to always check the special programs they offer.

At the same time, it will also be good to follow their procedure to get you some medical check before buying any insurance program. It si very important for it will help you to consider whether you need any specific fitness program. In fact, you might get understanded that you do not need any special fitness program or just need some simple fitness exercise that you can even perform on your own, without any professional help.

Routine medical check
Besides the fitness program, no matter how busy you are to arrange your schedule it is very suggested for you accommodate the schedule to get the routine medical check. In this case you have to make sure that your insurance provide you the coverage for the routine medical check included the dentist check. It is important to not only make sure that you are in your best health condition and also to lower the budget you have to spend for any more serious medical treatment and routine medical check. At the same time, you also have to support any of your fitness program with your lifestyle and eating habit. You do not have to change your entire lifestyle and eating habits, but you might have to adjust your lifestyle and your eating habits due to your health condition. It will help you a lot even when you do not have too much time to exercise and your insurance does not cover the health fitness.
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