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Health and wellness will be the great discussion today. There are a lot of people discuss about this topic. You can easily find a lot of discussions of it. The popular topic to be discussed for your health is natural herb. One of natural herbs for your health is green tea. It is very popular around us right? Even, somebody believes that it can help weight loss program. So, do you want to know about its discussion? If you want to know about it, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about possible benefits of green tea for health and wellness. Let’s find out your best reference only here.

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What is Green Tea?
This green tea comes from China and India. It has been consumed for solving any kind of health problem for many centuries. This kind of beverage is actually most consumed behind water. The world wide people consume it with black. There are only 20% of people who know green tea.
For your information, all tea types except herbal tea can be brewed by dried process. It comes from Camellia sinensis bush. It also contains antioxidant substance. Meanwhile green tea is made from un-oxidized level. What is it? It is the type of less process for tea. Besides that, green tea also contains many anti oxidant and great polyphenols.

Then, as in the previous paragraph, it has been used by Chinese people and Indian natural medicines. It can be used for controlling bleeds, aiding digestion, and healing wounds. Besides that, it can also improve the heart health. You can also use it to control your mental health and regulate the temperature of your body. the advanced study also proved that it really works great for losing weight and decrease the risk of diabetes.

Possible Health of Green Tea
First of all, let’s talk about other benefits you will get form green tea. According to the Institute of National Cancer, the polyphenols of tea has been shown for decreasing the tumor growth of cancer. This study also proves that this green tea can protect you from ultraviolet damage.

For your information, the country that has tradition of consuming green tea will get less patients of cancer. The rate will be lower. However, there also other factors that can reduce the cancer patient in a country. Then a study also found that green tea can decrease pancreas cancer risk. There are also other types of cancer that can be avoided by this tea. The researchers believe that the polyphenols of tea that will work for your cancer problem. So, you can take this tea as the best solution for your health problem.

Heart Disease
The next health problem that can be solved by this tea is heart disease. The American Journal Medical Association took a conclusion that consuming green tea will reduce all mortality causes including cardiovascular disease. There was a research of participants who took green tea 5 cups in a day can lower dying risk. They can also lower the cholesterol risk. There will be no side effect you get by consuming it.

Type 2 Diabetes
The next is type 2 diabetes. There was a research of some people who consumed green tea for some weeks. They can control their diabetic diet and insulin level. So, this one can be alternative solution for you.

Losing Weight
The most possible problem that can be solved by this tea is obesity. Do you know that consuming tea can press your appetite? So, you will not take a lot of foods after drinking it. Finally, those are all the discussion of green tea for health and wellness.
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