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Drug crimes become one of the serious social problems in the U.S region. The Federal Bureau of Prison data in last October 2015 showed that 48.3% of federal inmates in U.S are sentenced because of drug offenses. The one of the factors which can help to reduce the drug crime problem is drug lawyer. What is their role?  

The Drug Penalties in U.S
In the U.S, drug crimes see as health issue rather than a crime. It is because the perspective that people use drugs and alcohol as the way of dealing with their economic troubles such as stress of unemployment and financial insecurity. The law covers the crime of illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin methamphetamine, and LSD. The drug crime cases are divided into drug possession charges, drug distribution charges, and/or drug related offenses.

The range of drug penalties is different depends on the cases and the states regulations. The lightest penalty is simple drug possession sentences carried by personal drugs use. They will face hundreds to thousands dollars fine and jail time between 30 until 40 months. Depends on the situation, people who get caught selling and distributing drugs will face sentences in jail for 3-9 years. The penalty for selling drugs to minor is heavier about 10 years and more in jail. The heaviest penalties and considered as federal crime is smuggling drugs into United States. The criminals will be sentences in jail for more than 20 years.

The Drug Lawyer Role
The possible cases of drug abuse which can be taken by the drug lawyer are lack of intent and knowledge, possession for personal use, entrapment, and also infancy for individuals under 16 years old. The general role of drug lawyer is to help the defendants to avoid or reduce the jail time.

They believe that the drug addicts and abusers need help and treatment not a heavy punishment. Under the rules, lawyer should protect the rights of the accused. They need to make sure that their defendants get the fairly treatment from criminal justice system. Especially for innocent accused or entrapment cases, drug lawyer has the most important role. They need to prove that their defendant is innocent and free from the penalties.

If you can’t pay them by their high hourly bills, you can hire them to get a consultation. By getting consultation, you can understand what will happen to you in the court and what will you get by your crime. The lawyer at least can give you suggestion, so you can defend yourself. 

Can I Get Free Drug Lawyer?
In the state constitution, you have the right to hire an attorney when states want to repeal you from liberty. But what happened when you can’t afford one? You don’t need to worry. The court will assign the job to a lawyer which can act in the legal capacity for you without any costs or full free with one condition if you are sentenced in a jail. The lawyer that appointed to represent you called with Public Defenders (P.D.s).

Many of defendants are poor and can’t afford any lawyer to help their criminal cases. That’s why there are lots public defender’s offices in the states. Public defenders are free but that doesn’t mean that they are lack in skills and experience. They are lawyers who fully licensed which paid by the states. They gain a lot of experiences in representing poor defendants especially in criminal drug cases. They have experience through daily job in the courts, so they know very well every personalities and characteristics of the prosecutors, judges, and local law officers.

What happened if the area doesn’t have any public defender’s offices? The government in your local area will contact the private law firms in nearest area to represent you in the cases. Or the courts will also check on the attorneys list and appoint one of them to represent the poor defendants who can’t afford their own drug lawyer.
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