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Do you think it is a necessary thing that we must have in this modern era? Well, the answer lies on your own point of view. Some people think that having health insurance is very important to have especially in this era. Where the healthy and good food are rarely to find, where the pollution has covered almost the entire of the universe, where the traffic is quite crowded and accident could be happened any time. Can you imagine that one day something happens to you and you do not know to handle it? Even though we must think positive all the time and think for the good only for our future, but sometimes unexpected situation always come without nobody wants it. Therefore, just to be cautious with your own safeties, it is better that you know more about health insurance. If you are a father of some children, a husband and a head of a family, suddenly one day you get sick or you get an accident that makes you are not able to work again and feed your family, the health insurance will help you to overcome this problem. That is why you need to know what health insurance is.

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Learn More about Health Insurance
Health insurance can be defined as a kind of insurance that covers for your medical and surgical cost. However, those are usually followed by the terms and the condition as what has been agreed on the contract. This kind of health insurance has two types of payment. First, the consumer will pay all of the medical cost first, and then it will be changed by the insurance company by showing the receipt from the hospital. Second, the insurance company will pay directly the cost of the medical treatment or the surgery cost in the hospital. If you work in a company then there is no need to be worry. Usually the company has already given the staff the benefit of the health insurance from the first day they enter the office. The company will pay for the monthly bill of insurance. However, usually you will have to pay it too from your salary. Usually it is only 2% from your main salary. Therefore, you will not be burdened with the insurance bill. 

Kinds of Health Insurance
Probably you are confused about how many kinds of health insurance are there, and you do not know which one to choose based on your financial ability and how long are you going to use it. Therefore, you need to know about the kinds of health insurance. There are three kinds of health insurance, namely private health insurance, Medicaid insurance, and Medicare insurance.

Private health insurance is a kind of insurance that is usually given by a company as a health guarantee to the staff.  It can also be bought by an individual if the company does not provide the sufficient health insurance or if you are a businessman and you do not have a current health insurance but you wish to have it.

Medicaid insurance is a kind of health insurance that is provided by the government. Generally, this kind of health insurance is given to those who have small income whether it is individual or a family.

Medicare insurance is a kind of health insurance that is also provided by the government. However, this kind of health insurance is usually only for those who are 65 years old and above it.

Therefore, before you decide to take the suitable health insurance for your own benefit, you should provide more information about it. You can also put all of the members of the family to give you their opinion about the health insurance.
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