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Acne is one of annoying problems for our skin. It is medically known as Acne Vulgaris. This is a type of skin disease that includes the oil glands of hair follicles’ base. It can attack somebody during puberty age when its oil gland (sebaceous) comes to be active. For your information, the glands will be stimulated by male hormones. Those hormones are produced by both males and females’ adrenal glands.
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Besides that acne is actually not dangerous disease but it can leave the scars on your skin. The skin of human has tiny holes or pores that connect to the oil glands under your skin. Those glands are also connected to those pores via follicles called small canals. After that they will produce sebum or oily liquid. Sebum carries cells of dead skin via follicles to your skin surface. After its process, there will be small hair grows on the skin. It will take the growth process via outside follicles of your skin. When those follicles get blocked, the pimples will appear. It is the result of under the skin’s oil accumulation. Well, if you want to know more about pimples, its causes, and treatment, keep reading below! This article is going to discuss about it on detail.

What is Pimple?
Well pimple is also known as acne. This word is derived from Greek “acme” It means the highest point. It also can be understood as highest spot. In humans, this pimple can appear on back, face, chest, neck, and shoulders. It needs simple way to appear on the skin. There are skin cells, hair, and sebum that will clump together into a plug. The plug will get infected by bacteria. As a result, there will be swelling. The pimple will develop when the plug is going to break down.

Causes of Pimple
There are some causes of pimple on your skin. The primary cause is the androgen level’s rise. It is actually type of hormone. It will grow more when human becomes the adolescent. When the androgen level is raised, the oil gland under your skin will develop too. There will be also more oil gland produced. Then, the excessive sebum will break down the pores’ cellular walls. Its process makes bacteria grow more. So, this is the first possible cause of pimple.

Besides that, some studies also proof that pimple is caused also by genetic factor. After that some medications that contain lithium and androgen can create pimples on your skin. Meanwhile for you who use greasy cosmetics will also get infected of this skin condition. Last, some cases of hormone during pregnancy may cause the pimple for women.

Types of Pimple
There are several types of pimple you can recognize. First of all, you can know white and blackheads. White type is very small and remains under the skin. Meanwhile black one is clearly visible. They have black color and appear on the skin surface. This type of pimple is not caused by dirt. Scrubbing this pimple will not help you much.

Then, you can also find papules, pustules, and nobules. Papules can appear on the skin visibly. They have pink color and small bumps. Meanwhile pustules have red color and pus on the top. Last one is nobules. It also appears on the skin clearly. They have large and solid shape. You will get painful and embedded on the deep skin.

How to Get Rid of Pimple
There are several ways for you to get rid of pimple. The most important for you is to check your pimple condition to the doctor. They will give you best suggestion how to treat your acne. Finally, those are all the discussion about acne.
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